surfersmusic46 YouTube Channel – Subscribe today!!! – Tons of musical games and experiments from the San Fransisco Symphony

New York Philharmonic Kids Site

GAME ROOM - Musical Mingles are in here!!!

Instrument Storage Room – See and hear all the instruments of the symphony orchestra

Singing Horses – Experiment with lining up rhythms and harmonies. What does this teach you about ostinatos?

Guitar Tuner – Pluck the string, match the sound, have your guitar in tune in minutes

GrooveShark – Great site for music listening online when you know the song you're looking for

Virginia Symphony

Virginia Opera

Virginia Arts Festival

Virginia Children's Chorus – Located in Norfolk, consider auditioning if you have a voice for singing!

Taylor Guitars – What Mr.K plays

Glen Velez – Percussionist, frame drums

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution – not music, but important to me

Hampton Roads Chamber Players

Governor's School for the Arts

Jerry's Artarama – where I buy all my art supplies

Kathie Hill Music - for music teachers of children's choirs. Good resource for vocal technique and pedagogy.