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New Calendar on the Events Page

Hey everybody, check out the new calendar on the "Events" page for upcoming opportunities and Malibu Music events. It looks like the one below.

Joseph playing Super Mario & Jazz Ostinato on Piano

Joseph is a piano powerhouse—very talented!!! Here's a video of him performing at the 2011 Malibu Talent Show in February. Way to go Joseph; keep up the great work!

Chloe singing "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele

Fahren singing "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Here is the first in a list of student recordings that I hope will end up very long over the next year. If you are interested in working on a solo recording let me know. Great voice Fahren!!! Way to go and keep up the beautiful work!
01-Fahren Hudson & Nate Kinnison Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon) by natekinnison

Esperanza Spalding & Bobby McFerrin

So happy that Esperanza won the award for best new artist at the 53rd Grammy awards. She is a true talent as a vocalist and as a bassist. She beat out numerous high powered musicians for the award: Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, Drake, and…wait for it…wait…wait…Justin Bieber. That's right, she took out the Bieb.

This pair below, Bobby and Esperanza, are two of my all-time favorite musicians, and two of the most well respected in the world. This piece is a beautiful example of two brilliant talented minds meeting for a song.

Surfersmusic46 Logo Ideas


One of my favorite pieces of music: Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto

Samuel Barber is one of my all-time favorite composers, and his violin concerto is one of my favorite musical works. Violin Concerto Op.14 was written in 1939 when Samuel Barber was about 30 years old. This violin concerto has three "movements" or sections, hence the three videos below.

Giora Schmidt is the violin soloist, and the orchestra is the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

First Movement: Allegro

Second Movement: Andante

Third Movement: Presto

New logo design process for Surfersmusic46

You guys know I love art and design, and I've begun working on ideas for a new surfersmusic46 logo with a modernist design and a series of posters to go along. Here's an initial sketch idea I did on my ipad the other day for the first design concept.

OTOMATA Synthesizer

Click Here to hear a piece of music that kindergartner Adrian L. in Sand's class created today.

Dan Ellsey — Composing and Creating Music with Cerebral Palsy

This post is more for the older kids and grownups in the group of readers. Tod Machover is the guy whose lab created Guitar Hero. He spends his time and life creating methods for creating music. Read about him in his bio by clicking his name. His lab at MIT has created the means for CP patient Dan Ellsey (composer/musician) to write and perform.  This talk is a fantastic, inspirational 20min presentation that ends with an eyeopening performance by Dan. Open it big, and watch it with your family.