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Bobby Mcferrin Improvisation with Richard Bona

Just beautiful... Electric bass and voice improvisation (making it up on the spot)

It's In The Bag :: Recorder song from class


The Hang :: A new percussion instrument

Hi Ya'll (channelling my inner Paula Deen just then),

Here's a type of metal percussion instrument that you may not have ever seen before. The Hang was developed in Switzerland in 2000. It is a pitched percussion instrument and can play melodies. Check out the sounds in the video below.

Davy Spillane :: Playing the Uilleann Pipes

This is one of my all-time favorites. I remember my dad really loving Riverdance, and I saw this for the first time when I was just a kid starting my musical (instrumental) education. It made me want to be a woodwind musician even more. The musician's name is Davy Spillane, and he is playing the Uilleann Pipes (Irish Bagpipes). He is one of the world's greatest performers on this challenging instrument.

I've always had a love for traditional and folk instruments of Europe, and this song in particular ever since. The music is "Caoineadh cu Chulainn" (pronounced "Queen-a Coo Hulling" from what I've been told).

The song is about a famous warrior named Chulainn who has never met his son. In a battle, he meets his son  named Conlai as an enemy warrior, though he doesn't know it, and kills him. He looks down at Conlai's hand and sees that the young man is wearing the ring that Chulainn had given Conlai's mother long ago when he was born. This…

NEW INSTRUMENT :: The Hurdy Gurdy

Recorder Lesson #3 :: Make the Sound of an Ambulance

Hey Kids!!! Here's a great way to annoy your parents play a cool sound on the recorder that gets your pointer finger moving!!! This prepares us for a new note as well.

Recorder Lesson #2 :: Add Low E to BAG

Hey guys and gals, Here's another video lesson showing you how to add one more note to your songs! LOW E is the bomb!

Recorder Lesson #1 :: Playing the BAG Notes

Make sure to go and print/download the Recorder Karate Student Pack. Click the blue link or go to the DLzone tab and look under the recorder section. You'll find the first song using the BAG notes in there!!!

Recorders Are Finally INNNNNNNNNn!!!!!!! Letter to Parents...

After the snafu with the music co. sending us the wrong recorders, we have all the recorders that were ordered. They will go out to students who ordered this week! I know the kids are really excited to play them! I know you (parents) may not be so excited to have them playing all over the house and in your ears. I have two little ones of my own and I understand. I really encourage you to set aside some time for your child to practice in an area of the house where their small successes are noticed and encouraged. They will get better, they will get GOOD! As with any new skill it takes time and practice. Please be their biggest supporter at home!

I will be posting some videos and musical materials to aid in the learning process very shortly...

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Back to Posting!!!!!! Here's a little cajon piece for you.