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PS22 Chorus: "Daniel" at Lincoln Center

Beautiful recording of the kids at PS22 in NY singing "Daniel" in a recent concert at Lincoln Center.
PS22 Chorus is one of my favorite children's choirs. I love the mix of voices, and the expressiveness of the kids.

Alpha Music Event: GUITAR 101

Hey guys and gals, Alpha Music holds a basic guitar class on the second Saturday of every month.
FOR FREE!!! CLICK THIS LINK FOR DETAILS!!! Follow the sign that looks like the one above.

They also have other classes and a crop of fantastic private teachers for guitar, bass, and drums. check them out on the "PrivateLessons" tab on my blog homepage.
Alpha is my personal music store of choice. Great customer service and support, very knowledgeable associates, and good prices.

Wavin' Flag: Young Artists for Haiti


GEAR I USE!!!…Recording…ZOOM H4n

Here's a segment on what gear I use. For recording, the ZOOM H4n is priceless!!! though it is fairly on the expensive side, the zoom offers the best audio in a small package anywhere in the business.

Here is a link to the ZOOM H4n
There is a new type of recorder for those folks looking for a new video camera/recorder. The ZOOM  Q3HD.

Here is a link to the ZOOM Q3HD
I wholeheartedly recommend the ZOOM products. the H4n has become the standard in DSLRVideo for sound recording. I've had mine for about two years, and it is really fantastic. The ZOOM Q3HD video camera solves the age old problem of small camera audio (no more badly recorded guitar and singing Youtube videos) Record both audio and video in high definition.
Feel free to email me with any questions.