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Parents, remember to tune those guitars when Santa brings them for Christmas!Here's a link to the online guitar tuner where you match the sound of a plucked string to the plucked strings of your own guitar!

Harmonica: Playing Cross Harp

Hey guys, Josh S. brought in a harmonica this afternoon, and he played a song with me on guitar. Sounded great—way to go Josh!

Harmonica is one of the cheaper instruments, and it's completely portable. There are lots of you who already have one sitting around somewhere. Alpha music sells harmonicas, and you can expect to pay about $20-35 for one. Consider the Hohner brand if you want a great harmonica to learn. I started on a Hohner Big River Harp (harmonicas are also called harps), and now I play the Hohner Special 20 - the same main harp that John Popper of the group Blues Traveller plays. I also understand that Seydel makes great harps and Alpha carries a full stock of those as well. The Session model of Seydel costs about $29 for a really great harmonica.

The first thing you'll notice when you play a harmonica is that you get sound when you exhale and when you inhale. Lots of people want to treat the harmonica like a standard wind instrument where everything is blown into …

Acoustic arrangement: "Firework"

I like this arrangement of Katy Perry's "Firework" by Tyler Ward and Alex Goot. Both Tyler and Alex are musicians and producers in business for themselves. Their job is to take a song idea that an artist sends them and turn it into a full blown recording. Here's how they arranged "Firework"

An arrangement (in music) is an adaptation of a composition for other instruments or voices or for another style of performance.

Acoustic: Instruments that do not need electricity to produce sound

Cover: A song played by a musician that was originally created and performed by another artist