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How to Quickly Draw the Treble Clef

Draw a 6, then jump off the top backwards and down through the hole!

Hey Ya'll,

Here's a post that links directly to the large and small 5 line staff paper to open and print. Enjoy!

Large staff paper
Small staff paper

Music Handwriting of Notable Composers

Music is a language. We often see the computerized font version of that language from elementary school on through professional careers, but composers (including me!) often compose using pencil and paper. Here are the manuscripts/handwritings of a handful of very important composers throughout history. The name of the composer appears under the picture of their handwriting. The first one belongs to Mozart!

Danse Macabre | Camille Saint Saens

Written by French composer, Camille Saint-Saens ("San Sawn") in 1874 as a story told with music.

Baroque Composer | Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in C Major for Recorder

Just Brilliant!