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Hot Cross Buns | Recorder, BAG


Civil War :: 5th Grade connection | No more Auction Block, John Legend

As 5th Grade starts the social studies unit on the civil war, slavery, and the rich African-American musical history that began becomes important in the development of American music.

"No More Auction Block For Me," by Gustavus D. Pike, 1873

No more auction block for me
No more, no more
No more auction block for me
Many thousand gone
No more peck of corn for me…
No more driver’s lash for me…
No more pint of salt for me…
No more hundred lash for me…
No more mistress’ call for me…

Out in the Garden | 1st Grade Rhyme

Out in the garden pickin' peas I thought I heard a chicken sneeze He sneezed so hard with a whoopin' cough He sneezed his head and his tail right off!

Duduk Ensemble | Double Reed, Armenia

For further reading on playing the Duduk, here are some videos by world-class duduk player, Gevorg Dabaghyan.

Recorder | Indian Song, War Dance

5th grade chorus recorder song from today

Somebody That I Used to Know | Walk Off The Earth

Ingenious use of a guitar. If you break down what each individual player is doing it's fairly un-complicated, but the fact that they make it sound so awesome is pretty remarkable. Ten hands on guitar is incredible no matter how you look at it.